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Astra Maskulinitet

Known more as an art director experienced with a set of multidimensional projects, I would still describe myself as a versatile designer interested in social justice issues and in creative challenges that demand powerful and visually compelling narratives. 

The way I aim to develop my practice is by creating multi dimensional storytelling when it comes to any media design, so that the viewer can interact and engage more with the message of the visual work.

I am interested in creating multidisciplinary storytelling that brings awareness to relevant societal issues through the experience itself.


IDENTITY ARCHIVES / Work in Progress

A sneak peek into my present ongoing art work and study on multidimensional cultural identities in Nordic environments. My art work contextualises  using participatory New Media production methods to express cultural identity within the framework of interactive cinema amongst ethnically multicultural artists. Moreover in style of Third Cinema, this work strives to investigate these individuals’ expression of their unique cultural identities parallel to  the concepts outlined in traditional and mainstream media of culturally diverse characters living in the west and particularly in the Nordic Finnish context.


The visual production includes film, illustration and animation. The work is to be exhibited by 2022 summer and distributed digitally later on.



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